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Mateo's Story

Mateo, a heroic 12 year old boy, was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, a brain tumor, in November of 2018. Doctors were able to remove most of the tumor. The remainder of the tumor was treated with radiotherapies in maximum dose and several treatments of chemotherapy. Mateo then continued his recovery through rehabilitation, since he had lost mobility of his whole left hemisphere.



In Chile, Mateo and his family went to a clinic to obtain a second medical opinion. There, he was attended by a neurosurgeon, who also determined that the reoccurring tumor was not operable. After reviewing a biopsy sample performed in 2018, it was concluded that Mateo had a less risky tumor, which could potentially open up some treatment options.


Currently, Mateo resides in Miami with his mother, Lissette, in order to continue receiving treatments for his tumor.

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