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Thomas' Story

A bright and spirited 9-year-old named Tomas arrived at the clinic, accompanied by his loving grandmother. Their journey to the clinic had been made possible through the invaluable support of Believen Organization. It was a day filled with hope and anticipation as they embarked on a transformative medical journey together.


Tomas had been living with a challenging condition known as congenital Ptosis in his right eye. This condition had not only affected his appearance but also had practical implications for his visual health. Ptosis, characterized by a drooping or sagging of the upper eyelid, can obstruct vision and hinder the eye's protective function.


With the guidance of the experienced medical team and the unwavering support of Believen Organization, a surgical intervention to correct Tomas's condition was initiated. The primary goal was to enhance the symmetry of his eyelids, thereby improving their function as guardians of his precious eyesight.


The procedure was not just a medical necessity; it was a journey towards empowerment for Tomas. As a child, the world is a place of wonder and exploration, and every child deserves the chance to experience it to the fullest. Correcting his Ptosis was a crucial step towards giving Tomas the opportunity to see the world with clear eyes and unbridled curiosity.

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